ANCIENT ROME Web Class & Lapbook


  • 60-min Ancient Rome web class
  • Lapbook included with video step-by-step guide
  • Excellent for Elementary Grades
  • Independent Study, no teacher prep

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Go back in time to discover how people lived thousands of years ago in Rome.  Rome began from a small town that soon commanded respect and fear by most of the known world.  The story of Rome is remarkable and fascinating in the details.  Learn how it all began with kings, transitioned into a Republic just to fall into an empire yet again.

Topics covered: Romulus, Roads, Roman Aqueduct, Society, Famous Romans, Roman Gods, Roman Numbers, Pantheon, Coliseum, and Julius Caesar.

With a 60-minute lecture and video showing you step-by-step how to complete the accompanying lapbook..

The code and location to view the pre-recorded Web Class is located within the lapbook.

Materials Needed: download lapbook file, manila file folder, pencil, colored pencils, scissors and glue stick.


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