Our Mission

Mettle means courage, fortitude and temperament. This lies at the heart of what we believe it takes to educate your child. Built within our name are words like Ministry, Educate, Tenacity, Tolerance, Learn and Endurance. These words embody the essence of the Mettle Room. Above all, endurance means to have the capacity, stamina, strength but also patience, and that is what it takes to educate your child.


The Regents Prayer

‘Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers and our Country.’

Grades K-6 Curriculum Time is for learning English, Math, Science and History using materials that support our mission. A few of the models we favor are the Good & the Beautiful, Story of the World and Math Mammoth. However, as each child is unique, curriculum must also be flexible to adapt to that need.

English and Math are typically individual subjects, so picture a one-room schoolhouse and that is our concept. Whole group instruction will be minimal with these subjects as each student will progress at their own speed. Your student can come to work on their own curriculum that you assign, or they can engage with the curriculum we assign. If your student is working from our curriculum, we will provide updates on their progress and grades upon request.

History: Story of the World vol3, Early Modern Era. This class will feature lecture complete with pictures, videos and class discussions. Each student will complete a lapbook along with various craft projects that will aid in the understanding of this time period of History. School year 2023-24

Science: Physics. Our focus will be on force and motion as well as simple machines. Each student will complete a lapbook along with various scientific projects and activities. School year 2023-24

Curriculum Time Only 9a-12p: 5 days per week $250/month OR 3 days per week $200/month

Grades K-6 Creative Time is for exploring the worlds of Art, Busy Builders, Crafts, Gardening, Handwriting, Board Games, Puzzles, Geography, and many more imaginative ways to learn about our world and each other.

Creative Time Only 12:30-3p: 5 days per week $250/month, 3 days per week $200/month

Curriculum & Creative Time 9a-3p: 5 days per week $500/month, 3 days per week $400

Jr&Sr High School students are welcome to join either the full-day or half-day program to work on their own independent learning, mentor a younger student and/or volunteer their time to serve the Mettle Room students. We will be there to guide the students in keeping them on-task and learn valuable time management skills. However, if they need more focused help, we will do our best to accommodate this need. Above all, we hope to foster an environment of collaborative learning amongst the students.

*Internet access will be available for those students that work online. There will be a strict ‘no online games’ policy.

Jr. & Sr. High School Monthly Membership

Morning & Afternoon: 5-days $300/mo OR 3-days $200/mo.

Morning OR Afternoon: 5-days $150/mo OR 3-days $100/mo

California History

This class will cover California’s native people, its discovery by England, occupation by Russia, colonization by Spain, and Republic of Mexico to a state within the United States of America. Each class will include lecture, pictures, videos, class discussion, hands-on projects and work on a lapbook.  Lapbook will be taken home at the end of the semester. Grades: 3-6 Mondays @1-2pm Fee: $200, fall semester only class. All materials included.

Star Wars World History

This class will fly your student through the Star Wars story-line (from the movies) and relate most of the characters and story to real world people and events.  Each class will include lecture, pictures, videos, class discussion, and work on a lapbook.  Lapbook will be taken home at the end of the semester. Grades: 4-8 Tuesdays @1-2pm Fee: $200 per semester. All materials included.

Fall: American Revolution, Joan of Arc and various women in war, Shaolin Monks, Knights Templar, American Civil War, Nazi Germany, Ancient Rome, Women Rulers.

Spring:  Cycles of History, Types of Government, Ancient Rome, the Manhattan Project, Atomic Bomb, Slavery, Dutch East India Company, Famous Cities.

American Girl Doll History

The American Girl Dolls will be our guide as we learn American History in this class.  History will be defined as seen through the eyes of each American Girl Doll character.  A lapbook and craft project will be created that pertain to each character and time period. Grades: 1-3 Wednesdays @1-2pm Fee: $200 per semester. All materials included.

Fall: Kaya, Felicity, Caroline, Josefina, Kirsten, and Addy.  The years covered are roughly 1607-1865 as we start with the founding of Jamestown and end at the American Civil War. 

Spring:  Samantha, Rebecca, Kit, Molly and Julie.  The years covered are roughly 1904-1974.  Topics included are: Age of the Automobile and other inventions, Russian Revolution, Immigration, World War I, Great Depression, World War II, and the Vietnam War. 

Game On!

This class will be a digital free game play time where your student can learn not only a variety of games but also strategy and sportsmanship. Grades: 4-12 Thursdays @1-2pm Fee: $200 per semester. All materials included.


This class will focus on the art of knitting.  We will work on class and individual projects.  Materials will be provided for two class projects.  Materials must be purchased separately for all individual projects and brought to class.  Grades: 4-12  Fridays @1-2p  Fee: $200 per semester.

We also offer individual help. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help. Prices vary depending upon student’s needs.

Our Students

Our students are learning at their own pace in a safe environment. We value the privacy of our students; hence product only pictures.

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7616 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights

This location is close to I-80 for easy access, close to Rusch Park for you to take your children before or after, and we have access to a plot of land for gardening.


You, the parent, have the right to make educational decisions that best fit your child. If that means homeschool through a charter or private, that is your choice and we support either one. The Mettle Room is a Private Membership Association, so we are not a vendor for any charter school.

Spots are limited and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Monthly Membership fees range from $100-$500/month. Monthly membership is either full or half-day. Attendance is either 3 days or 5 days per week. Registration fee is $150 per student per semester. Curriculum materials are included when using Mettle Room chosen curriculum.

Individual Class fees are listed next to the class description. Registration fee is $30 per student per semester.

Membership to the Mettle Room includes access to our center, free downloadable materials, and assistance for you in navigating the wonderful world of homeschooling.

To join the Mettle Room, complete the Membership Registration form. It can be used to register up to 3 students. Upon submission, the Mettle Room will contact you to arrange a payment method that works for you. Registration is not complete until payment is confirmed.

Questions? Please send us an email.

Positive Words

Roseville, CA

Roseville, CA


Miss Shimizu is well-informed, and produces amazing presentations and videos to make history come alive for her students. I am so grateful for her contributions to my son’s education!

Alameda, CA

Alameda, CA


Wonderful American History through American Girl class with an awesome teacher! Missie uses her own interesting power point presentations with pictures, videos and maps to fully engage Read Less
the students and encourages reading and documentaries and other growth outside of the scheduled time. My daughter loved being able to take her favorite subjects, American Girl and history, with Missie. My daughter was very sad when the class ended. Missie always had the children make an interesting time-period craft as well as a lap book to reinforce key information, including important events, vocabulary and geography. The content was always very interesting and engaging. Missie is a very knowledgeable and passionate teacher, encouraging, upbeat and patient. Looking forward to more classes with Missie, hopefully Story of the World, she is an absolute treasure.

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